Elevate Education

Senior Living Communities’ purpose is to make a difference in and add quality to the lives of others. This purpose encompasses not only individuals that live in our retirement communities, but also our team members who serve them. No matter what role a team member inhabits, they collectively form the core that cares for our Members twenty-four hours a day.

As a Company, we want to provide opportunities to team members that allow them to build on their experiences and further their education. We want to see our team members grow professionally, while working at a higher capacity for us. In doing this, we create opportunities for individuals to move to other organizations and further their careers. We champion and celebrate this because we know we’ve received outstanding effort and excellent work while they were growing with us.

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External and Internal Programs

Currently, we have cultivated relationships with high schools, technical colleges, community colleges, and state colleges in an effort to recruit talented individuals. For example, a Director of Nursing conducts monthly “Learn @ Lunch” presentations at the local school on the benefits of employment with the community. We also have success by setting up a recruitment table on testing day designed to educate CNA students about current employment opportunities at our communities.

Senior Living Communities offers a training program for CNAs called Track to Success. It is a two-part program that trains new CNAs on person-centered care, dementia, programming, dining and facilities. In the first segment of the program, a CNA gets a true overview of what it takes to operate a community. The second facet of the program is a CNA Career Pathway that offers additional training on ADLs, care initiatives, focused dementia training, as well as leadership training. It is a three-level curriculum designed to expand one’s knowledge base and build confidence in one’s abilities.


Elevate Dollars

Senior Living Communities accepts applications for individuals interested in seeking higher learning at an accredited institution. Advanced approval is required before any funds will be awarded to the team members. Programs must be from the Company’s pre-approved course roster, as well as pre-approved roster of institutions. If you have a program that is not on the approved roster, ask, as we want to find the best opportunities for our team.

Full-time team members that have worked greater than 90 days are eligible for this program. The goal of the program is to elevate skills directly applicable to current position with the company. That means a course in skills that are not directly applicable skills (say basket weaving) will not be approved.

All applicants must provide the following information / documentation with the Elevate Application:

  • Completed application.
  • Co-signer of personal note.
  • Program Description and expected date of graduation.


Elevate Program Elevate Application

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