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Joyce – Real Conversations
Joyce - Real Conversations
Ernie – Real Conversations
Ernie - Real Conversations
I love this community because it is very welcoming, their friendly, I feel secure. I feels safe. They provide just about any service that I might want or need. I’m comfortable here. I moved here because I had a very large home, my husband died several years ago and knew I needed to downsize. All my three children live out of state. So I thought about it for about a year, struggled with the decision but I’m so grateful I made the decision to come here. In fact, I’ve been here four mouths and have really and truly can’t say if I had the opportunity to move back into my house, which they’re things that I miss, I would not do it. I know I’ve made a very good decision. The comfort that I know it gives my children, because if something did happen someone would be there to help. I feel like I’ve skipped a step instead of downsizing and buying a smaller house and still having all the bills and everything to take care, of I’ve just come home to where things will be taken care of for me. I can still have my life outside at this point as much as I choose to. So yes I did have fears that i would regret giving up but I didn’t give up, I gained.

My name is Joyce, and I love my community.

I moved here because unexpectedly I sold my house. I was sitting on my deck one day and I thought, this will be my last year living by myself at the lake. I put it on Facebook, four days later my house was sold. I always knew I wanted to come here to live, and I just got here a year earlier than I thought I would. It has been a great experience. It’s been very easy to make friends. It’s like I have stumbled into the most friendly group but people in the world. Maintenance-free living is wonderful because, I don’t have to worry about when the gardener is coming to rake the leaves, or I don’t have to worry about something that is broken. Will it be fixed in a month or two months? I know that within the next couple of days everything will be taken care of. It gives me peace of mind not to have to worry. After all these years I can sit down read a book. I don’t have to worry about when things are gonna be taking care of, it’s gonna be done. A lot of people knew I was by myself, and I do not feel by myself anymore. I feel very secure.

My name is Ernie and I love this community.

Ali – Real Conversations
Ali - Real Conversations
Hal – Real Conversations
Hal - Real Conversations
I love this community here because it offers so many things. It offers friendship. Well for me, I have lost a great deal of my family. It offers to me, family. I heard is this a great place to grow old with grace, and as some of the residents here said, I didn’t come here to die I came here live. And that’s what we do here, it’s live. It’s just been one of the greatest experiences for me. I’m right where I need to be at this age. I decided it was time. You know suddenly your things become stuff and you don’t want to have to take care of so much, stuff. And I realized that I was growing older, and I wanted my children to be free too when they came to see me. I want them to come to see me, not because they had to. Everybody thought I was coming down to a nursing home and they said “Oh Ali I didn’t realize you back was giving you that much trouble.” I can’t define it because it’s has a special quality I can’t name for you except that it’s joy. It’s caring. And just home.

My name is Ali, and I love my community.

I love this community because of the people. As good as the facilities and programs are, the people make the place. The physical therapy program is outstanding. The dining facilities are superb. One good feature, if you need additional help, it’s always here. From rehab to assisted living to memory loss. Activities are outstanding. Never at a loss of things to do and people to associate with. Which makes it a very pleasant arrangement. I moved here almost two years ago. One of the best decisions I ever made. We have people coming in every day saying they should have done this years ago. It’s very comforting to know that you’re here among what we active friends.

My name is Hal and I love this community.

John – Real Conversations
John - Real Conversations
Norma – Real Conversations
Norma - Real Conversations
My wife and I had decided some time ago that we would choose to make the decision on our location on our own, rather than burden our children with having to make that decision at a later day. We decided to move while we were still hearty, mobile, and willing to participate in a lot of activities. My wife and I thought about this a great deal. We think we probably moved early, but it’s better to move early then to move late. We were still mobile, and had the capability of making the move without a significant amount of physical strain or mental strain, and enjoyed the move here very much.

I am John, and I love my community. It’s a wonderful place

When I arrived I was impressed with the physical condition of the buildings and the gardens. It is very beautiful and it impressed me, but course what was most evident to me most was the happiness of the community. On every face there was a smile. If there wasn’t a smile at least there was a radiation of satisfaction in every face. And it impressed me the most from any other community that I visited. The wellness program is one of my favorite programs in this community. It is very well-run by professionals. It makes a new person out of you. Within two months it was so much easier to do the things I normally do. I felt like dancing the whole time, or the tango which I used to do all the time.

My name is Norma and I love this community, truly love it.

Ruby – Real Conversations
Ruby - Real Conversations
Doris – Real Conversations
Doris - Real Conversations
Well, I was looking for a good place where I feel safe and secure, and I would have a lifestyle similar to having prior. The people care about you, and they really really do sincerely care about your well being. So everywhere you go somebody is speaking to you, calling you by name. The sales staff in marketing was very good about introducing me to different people.

At mealtime for a couple of days, they would set up the people on my floor so that I would get to meet me my neighbors, that type thing. Then the first time I went to the dining room by myself the hostess seated at a table for two and I was alone. It wasn’t two minutes before lady from another table came over to sit and join me, someone I had met the day before. I felt very much at home.

About a year after I was widowed, I made this decision and I was going to come into some type of community like this. I spent months on the internet searching out places, towns I never heard of. I went to visit 8. I had deposit on one that I liked very much, but it wasn’t really what I deep down felt was home. Then when I found this one, I cancelled out everything else and forgot about it. It was an instant success.

Maintenance-free living is, it’s so care-free. We love the fact that we can plan on not having to do certain things that we had spent so many hours doing in the past. House cleaning, making lists of things that needed to be done as far as repairs and maintenance of our home. We don’t have any of that. One thing I’m doing is forgetting how to cook, how to clean and it’s nice. I love it. We have our villa maintained. If a light bulb burns out we call maintenance and they put in a new light bulb. It’s cleaned weekly, by lovely ladies who are a joy to be around. Everything else is maintained. The dining is fantastic. I’ve forgotten how to cook. I personally enjoy life here, because it’s so care-free. You should come and join us. You would too.

I’m Doris, and I love this community.

Jennifer – Real Conversations
Jennifer - Real Conversations
It’s been a great gift to have them down here. In fact I didn’t think that they would, that they would ever move quite frankly. They live in this beautiful house, but they were by themselves, and that always worried me. Here they have the gated community, the apartments are beautiful. I love the fact that they can come in here very healthy, but that it will move them along as they age. I’ll give you a great example. My grandmother was living in the assisted living part, and last night she passed away, but my parents were able to come there in the middle of the night, didn’t have to worry about getting in a car and driving out in the middle of the night. They were able to be with her in the last hour, which I’m just, how wonderful that they were able to do that.

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