Wellness Programs in Greenville

The Short Story:

Cascades Verdae has invested over $3.5 million dollars in the equipment, the resources and experienced personnel in order to lead our industry in total Wellness.

We believe people can get better at any age and in any condition.

Our dedicated Wellness Director serves as both personal trainer and class instructor, providing classes and routines for all ability and experience levels.

We believe wellness doesn’t just refer to exercise. It flows through everything: nutrition and diet, daily activities, social life, spiritual well-being, intellectual stimulation, time with family and friends, pursuing interests, fulfilling life long dreams and the list goes on…

Cascades Verdae ALFA Best of the Best


The Long Story:

No one else compares to what we are doing combining wellness with independent living.

No one else compares to what we are doing combining wellness with healthcare.

Our participation rate is high. Our results are good. Our Members are happy.

We institute monthly wellness schedules in our community that feature normal exercise classes such as chair yoga, Pilates and core strength. Along with that comes the fun stuff like line dancing or more robust classes like the Senior Circuit.

Cascade Verdae’s Wellness Program assists our members in improving their quality of life through better cardiovascular function, increased strength, greater flexibility, better balance, enhanced endurance, intellectual stimulation, healthy menus, education and overall fitness.

Our Wellness Program inspires our members to have fun and be more active, makes it easier to perform daily activities, improves health and lowers risk for disease and disability. Our person-centered approach actually considers the “whole” person, and is designed to maintain and improve members’ current levels of physical, mental, social and spiritual wellness.


Our program is enhanced by our partnership with Wake Forest University and the J. Paul Sticht Center on Aging. Their research is committed to improving the quality of life for every one of our members and promoting a long and healthy lifestyle for seniors. Through the partnership we’ve been able to implement new tools for health assessments for our members, dietary programs for healthy weight management in the senior adult, exercise programs and more choices promoting independence while aging.

Classes are taught by our certified Wellness Director who’s trained to deliver high quality instruction and guidance, assisting our members in achieving personal fitness goals as well as leading the way to The Weller Life®. Like having a personal trainer, they make sure each member gets the attention and encouragement needed to achieve maximum results and live life to the fullest.



We believe everyone can get better…that everyone can get WELLER.

Wellness classes and offerings exist throughout healthcare. Combined with nutritious menus, great-tasting food, fun social events and invigorating activities, our Wellness Program is truly helping our residents enjoy a better life.


WAVES ALFA Best of the Best
Our residents also thrive due to the benefits of our WAVES program. WAVES recently received the Best of the Best Award from the Assisted Living Federation of America celebrating its outstanding achievements in Alzheimer’s programming. WAVES is an aquatic-based experience, led in our heated indoor pool, giving Alzheimer’s and Memory Care residents a safe and fun way to exercise. WAVES can stimulate cognitive and cardiovascular function while increasing appetite and lowering agitation. WAVES also provides the perfect opportunity for our residents to bond with their caregivers as they enter the water and work through the exercises together.


CLIMB ALFA Best of the Best
CLIMB is a Best of the Best Award-winning program. The components of CLIMB – Confidence, Longevity, Independence, Mobility and Balance – were designed to enhance lower body strength in each participant. Through a series of exercises, CLIMB rebuilds strength in the muscles of the lower body leading to better mobility and balance. This renewed movement and equilibrium further enhances each resident’s quality of life with confidence, a sense of longevity and most importantly…independence.