The clubhouse at Cascades Verdae is the Social Life center for Independent Living.

Fine dining, wine tastings, cooking demonstrations, signature events, Full Social Calendar gaming tournaments, book clubs, and happy hour are a few of the many activities held in the clubhouse. Members also enjoy access to concierge and office services.

Members of Cascades Verdae enjoy a clubhouse designed to facilitate fun and spur an active life. From watching movies to tossing darts…from painting a canvas to sculpting a creation….from before dinner drinks to after dinner cocktails…the Clubhouse at Cascades Verdae offers a venue for almost any occasion. To accommodate our Members, it features:

  • Movie Theater
  • Art Studio
  • Grand Dining Room
  • Pub & Billiards
  • Ballroom
  • Library
  • Private Dining Room
  • Café / Bistro
  • Card Room
  • Business Center
  • Bank
  • Computer Center
  • Wood Working Studio
  • Barber Shop
  • Beauty Salon & Spa
What I quickly learned is that there are a bunch of party animals here!
Cascades Verdae social life


Clubhouse | Staircase
Clubhouse | Bar
Clubhouse  | Lounge
Clubhouse | TV Lounge
Clubhouse | Library
Clubhouse | Billards
Clubhouse | Garden
Clubhouse | Massage Room
Clubhouse | Indoor Pool
Clubhouse | Indoor Pool
Clubhouse | Movie Theater
Clubhouse | Fitness Center
Clubhouse | Sauna
Clubhouse | Sauna
Clubhouse | Salon
Clubhouse | Covered Parking

Clubhouse Stories

One thing that I can say about Cascades Verdae is that there is never a dull moment. You can go on trips to wineries, visit beautiful Brookgreen Gardens, go on boat rides on nearby lakes and rivers as well as enjoy a wide variety of in house and outside entertainment. If you like to read or do crafts, there are several from which you can choose. The variety of events means that there is something for all tastes. Sometimes it is just pleasant to sit outside, enjoy the beautiful surroundings, soak up the sun, and chat with your neighbors.
Anne Commerton, Cascades Verdae
There are so many activities and events that it is a good thing that we have a wellness program in order to learn how to relax.
Bill Hutchins, Cascades Verdae
All of the programs are great but the one that my wife, Eleanor, and I like the best is the Wellness Program. It has various activities all day long. We love the Sing-A Long, Wii Bowling, Wii Golf, Mindful Mondays and Brain Sharpeners.
Paul Larkin, Cascades Verdae
I went to visit 8. I had a deposit on one that I liked very much but it wasn’t really what I deep down felt like was home. And then when I found this one, I cancelled out everything else. It was an instant success!
Ruby Hicks, Cascades Verdae