Things to Think About

When Researching Healthcare Communities:

• Is the building well maintained? Is everything neat and orderly? Carpets clean? Walls clean? Lawn maintained? Are the signs straight, painted and clean? Is the furniture clean and free of stains?


• Ask about the staffing ratio at the community. How many staff members are on each shift? What is the ratio of caregivers to residents? How does it change on weekends? Who is in charge on each shift?


• Did you meet the Executive Director? Or Healthcare Administrator? If not, request a meeting with them so that you get to know them as well before making your decision.


Request the most recent state survey. Discuss areas of deficiency with the administrator and ask how the problems were corrected.


• Are residents up and moving around? How does the staff interact and treat the residents present? Is the staff smiling? Are they friendly? Can you tell that they have an ongoing relationship with the residents?


• Are there any activity or social events taking place during your visit?


Request a copy of the social calendar (activities calendar).


• Ask about outside events? Do residents travel to concerts, the theatre, movies, events, etc.?


What kind of wellness program exists? Request a schedule of wellness classes or events.


Request a copy of the menu, both the daily and the monthly menu. Is there a lot of choice in when your loved one eats how they eat and what they eat? Can the menu accommodate any special diet needs for your loved one?


Stay and eat a meal with residents of the community. Is the food well prepared? Does it look good? Does it taste good?


When you find a community that you feel strongly about, visit again at a different time (weekends, in the evenings, during a community event, etc.) or visit again when the sales staff is not present to lead you around the building.


Things to Think About – PDF

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