Joanne Johnson earns employee of the month

At Cascades Verdae, we have an incredible way of honoring our employees. Each month, we award a staff Member that goes above and beyond daily with the Cascades Verdae ‘Employee of the Month’ honors. This month, we selected Joanne Johnson to receive this award. Joanne is an excellent cook within our community and has been with Cascades for more than eight years! We are so thankful to have team members like her!

As a part of her recognition, she was awarded our Employee of the Month parking spot and a bonus for being a stand out team player! There are so many reasons why we nominated her but here are a few: She is always the brightest face in the morning within our community – when she says, “Good Morning, how are you doing?” she wants the real truth to make sure her team members are okay. Through personal feats, she has maintained perfect attendance because she is never going to let her teammates down – we even have to kick her out of the kitchen when it’s time to go! Her dedication to our Members well-being can be seen by everyone who comes in contact with her. She isn’t scared to ask for help, even when she doesn’t need it, and knows she can keep getting better at her craft! In her current position, she’s creating a unique variety of soups and sauces from scratch for our Members to enjoy!

Joanne is an incredible cook, team member and individual – this is a well-deserved honor. We are so lucky to have team members that shine as bright as her, thank you for your dedication and hard work, Joanne!

Congrats Joanne!